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Virtual Pyramid of Stonehenge

Chapter 2. Egyptian Light

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Egyptian Light

Careful observation of the Sky was a sort of high sacred ministering, and purposeful God-seeking for the ancient Priests-Philosophers. The astronomical discoveries were received as a sign, as a gift of the Most High God. People saw the celestial Signs of the Destiny in the distant Stars, with their help they found out an unknown God's way, foresaw the future, aiming to save the world and the people from misfortunes and enemies, to preserve the traditions of ancestors, and above all to follow strictly the predeterminations from above to avoid anger and to obtain mercy of Gods.

But the real world of the farthest stars was not a Limit of the Universe for the Priests. In order to make the picture of the Universe complete, it was necessary to find out the initial reasons of the life and movement of stars. Already in the remote antiquity there was a difficult question: how the Universe originated and who directs the Cosmos? The answer was found in the theory of the Logos, which amalgamated obgective laws and mental constructions. The general picture of the Universe was created not only according to the laws of nature, but, at the same time, by means of applying some logical constructions.

The theological search led to the discovery of the initial Light, that had arisen even before the emerging of Heavenly bodies. Its power streams are invisibly poured out from the incomprehensible Unity. In time immemorial the Priests created the theories of the emanation, according to which the invisible rays of the Fore-Light create the bodiless forms of the forms out of chaos. On the base of the geometry of the Universum the theory of the sacred Logos was developed. The term Logos (logoj = number and word, measure, volume, completeness, law) is ancient and polysemantic. It could be defined as a confidential communication between the God and Man, which is realized with the help of the Intermediary. Such is the divine Number-Word, that flows from the Fore-Unity and according to the law of the Tetractys-Decad envelops the whole Universum. The intention of the Most High God was embodied in the exact logical and mathematical Plan of the Universe.

Certainly, all theory is grey, but green is life's glad golden tree. Here again we should more deeply penetrate into the essence of the Unity, into the imperceptible Point-Nothing, from whence the secret Logos of the numerical emanation will lead us to the Great Pyramid and further on to the green oak forests of Wales, where the Sanctuary of the Druids stands. So, the Most High God created the World from the Unity geometrically. The Unity, not being belittled, eternally radiates a surplus energy in the form of the sacred Numbers. The Logos forms a Triad of Spheres, which form the Triune Universe. The top of it is the incomprehensible Pleroma, where the Unity forms the Fore-Number (1234567), its secret "Root of the Seven" (= the Seven). The spiritual energy of this higher Seven is poured out beyond the Interior Limit of the Pleroma and creates the universal Prevailing Number.

The Prevailing Number, in its turn, already at the Exterior Limit of the Pleroma is transformed and creates the Metasphere. It is an invisible area of the fiery Spirit and the World Soul, a dwelling place of the higher Gods and Goddesses, all bodiless entities residing in the celestial mansions.

In the Metasphere abide Monads, the spirits of Kings and Priests, that ascended to Paradise. It is here that the huge True Existing Numbers create harmony and beauty, and the mighty Hebdomads (the Sevens) govern the fates of Universes. It is here that, similar to the bright stars, the Souls of the righteous people descend from and return to.

Continuing to be poured out, the surplus energy beyond the Limit of the Metasphere creates according to the will of Gods the visible spiritual Cosmos, the Sun and the Moon with all planets and Man on the Earth. All events in the Cosmos and on the Earth, that happen hereafter, all deeds of people after creation of the World entierly depend on the bodiless celestial powers, abiding in the Metasphere, on the energy of the "Root of the Seven" of the Pleroma, which is emitted by the Triune, Unity.

The scheme shows the structure of the initial Universe in the form of the Triunity of various Spheres i.e.: Pleroma Metasphere Cosmos. It is a peculiar Universal Pyramid. If we look at it upwards from below, it will appear, that Man (Microcosm) living inside the Great Cube on the Earth and the celestial World (Macrocosm), enclosing him, form only a visible material and substantial Sphere. There is a Soul in each of its bodies, and in Souls there is Reason. But the mansion of the World Soul and the sources of the World Reason abide higher than the cosmic stars, in the immense and invisible Metasphere, where the bodiless Gods and Goddesses, pure souls of the eternally living Heroes and Genii, Kings and Saints dwell, where the invisible rulers of the World Hebdomads (the Sevens) i.e. the True Existing Numbers act. And above the Cosmos and the Metasphere, beyond inaccessible Limits there is the Foreunity an incomprehensible Triad, above which the Unity, the Absolute hovers. It is the universal Point, the cluster of both light and darkness, the Source and Reason of all the existing, the Sphere of the surplus completeness, which the gnostics called the Pleroma.

It is necessary to note here, that the triune form of the Universe was not only logically substantiated, but was also carefully calculated by the Priests. We are still going to search for these surprising and mysterious Numbers, which form the basis of the space and time of the ancient Worlds and grandiose buildings the Pyramids and Temples. We exactly mean to search, because the apocryphal Numbers are symbolical pictures and geometrical figures, depicted in the ancient Sanctuaries. Numerical decoding of the mysterious signs and sacred ideagrammes, doubtlessly, is a difficult task, but it is interesting and fascinating. The Logos of the emanation, we shall hope, will help to determine at least a small part of the esoteric quantities.

Mystical Numbers

of the Universe

We can not trespass upon an alien sphere, where the Egyptian writing is decoded. However, we have the right to touch upon this problem. After the famous exclamation of Champollion: "I have got it!", which was pronounced in the library of the French Institute, after he had issued Primer of the Hieroglyphic System, etc. in 1924, many discoveries have been made. The possibility has appeared to read and to understand the signs, which seemed to be forever forgotten, which had been written on stones and papyri. The science of Egyptology originated, the adherents of which, getting through the enormous difficulties, penetrate into the secrets of the centuries more deeply.

Nowadays the point of view prevails, that there are three varieties of the ancient script. Hieroglyphs ("the sacred signs") are the most ancient images and symbols which were cut out on stones. After the invention of papyrus, which was used for writing, the smoothed forms of those signs were transformed into the hieratic writing. If the initial signs-pictures had been distinguished by their external appearance and consequently had been correctly understood and pronounced, in the hieratic script this possibility was lost to a great extent, as the signs were altered. The sign-picture began to express a sound or a group of sounds. So, the syllabic writing appeared. The signs-letters of this writing expressed only the consonant sounds, pure vowels were completely excluded. On the path of such development there were difficulties of understanding. Different notions were expressed by the identical letters. For example, the alphabetic picture of the Russian word ëê (ëóê), which means "bow" or "onions" could designate both an armour, and a vegetable.

To distinguish such words according to their meaning, the creators of the writing began to apply additional, nonvowel signs. "Voiceless" determining signs were called determinatives. The cursive (demotic) script appeared, in which three types of signs were widely used: words-signs, sound signs-letters and explanatory determinatives. The grammatic rules and the alphabet consisting of 24 letters, which designate only the consonant sounds, are known nowadays. To put it briefly, Egyptologists managed to learn how to read the ancient writing, and it is wonderful!

However, there is an interesting aspect here. It is possible to say, that there are no hieroglyphs, which precisely designate Numbers in the decoded samples. Chronological dates are very rare, there are no results of astronomical observations. It was the cause for complaint in his day of the English scientist Thomas Young, who made a presumable translation of the demotic text on the Rosetta stone in 1814. He hoped very much to uncover that ancient treasury, from which Pyphagor himself had derived his knowledge. However, the scientist was disappointed. The inscription informed about the gods and pharaohs, about the ascended prayers, but it held back the information about the ancient numerical science.

On the other hand, the experts mark, that in the Pyramid Texts very large numbers appear, the values of which could not be explained rationally. So, the God of wisdom Thoth ("he, who belongs to heavens, the star-gazer, he, who measures the Earth") had an authority to bestow millions of years of life to the deceased pharaoh. They said about Osiris "the king of eternity, the lord lasting forever", that there are millions of years of life behind his shoulders. "The Numbers about tens of million of years (and also even more puzzling millions million of years) are met frequently enough to assume, that, at least, a part of the elements of the ancient Egyptian culture was generated by the people of scientific mentality, which were not used to pass by the measures of time without thinking them over". We suppose, that the Logos of the numerical emanation will show the true nature of the enormous quantities in the system of ancient calculations.

Since the old days the Egyptian Priests were glorified as the great astrologers and mathematicians, the guardians of the divine calendar. They widely used their geometrical knowledge in the observations of the sky, in ordinary life, in the system of land tenure and in the construction. Returning to the Logos of the construction of the Universe, we shall mark, that it is necessary to see here, how in the structure of the forms Pleroma Metasphere Cosmos the mystical Numbers of the initial Light will be transformed. We shall use as a guiding thread the doctrine of the ancients about the numerical emanation, about the expiration of space and time from the Unity.

It is as difficult to express by words the structure of the Universe, as it is difficult to imagine the triunity of the interacting Spheres. The Unity-Triunity, the nature of which is incomprehensible, but calculable, in the majority of religions is represented as a power vortex of light and darkness, the absolute Point of the Pleroma.




Khunab Cu


However, without a penetration in geometry of the Spheres Pleroma Metasphere Macrocosm it is impossible to approach to the astral mystery of the Egyptian Pyramids and the Sanctuary of Stonehenge. We shall look at the Universal Pyramid by the eyes of the Priest, taking into account, that from the Unity flows out the Seven, and then from the "Root of the Seven" the Prevailing Number arises. Let us consider shortly the numerical dynamics of this process. In the Point of the maximum completeness the Unity is divided into a Dyad (the Two) and forms a Triad, and the secret Triad is converted in the Four and further in the Seven. This Seven is not an accounting, but a life-giving Number, the value of which is in the range of 7¸7.776. From the initial quantity of the Higher Seven the Prevailing Number depends as well as all the descending True Existing Numbers.

Similar to the invisible Sun, the "Root of the Seven" is always located at the inaccessible heights and invincible Limits. Once it has flared for the first time, and after that it eternally radiates the Most High Light, the invisible numerical energy, which is completely devoid of Darkness. This energy does not scatter irregularly, like the broken space substance at the moment of the gigantic explosion, as the theory of the hot Universe treats. The numerical energy comprises all creative properties of the World Spirit, of the Soul and Substance, that will be displayed in the future life, in the Cosmos and in Man. Flowing out from the Unity, from the "Root of the Seven", the brightest Most High Light creates the Prevailing Number, that comprises a Decade of categories, all the Universum of the World System.

It was stated above, that at the Interior Limit of the Pleroma the first redistribution of the Fore-Number takes places. The common "Root of the Seven" is transformed, is divided into Seven radical Parts, whose septenary Parts produce a new Whole the Prevailing Number.

The "Root of the Seven" is transformed into the Prevailing Number at the Interior Limit. Probably, ancient mathematicians solved this problem by a trial and error method of the selection of Seven equal factors.

2,83*2,83*2,83*2,83*2,83*2,83*2,83 = 1454

(2.83061)7 = 1456


235/44* 235/44*235/44*235/44*235/44*235/44*235/44= 1333.33333

(2.795245)7 = 1333.33333

(2.8)7 1333.33333


(2.718282)7.2 = 1333.33333

7.2 1333.33333

The Prevailing Number (=1333.33333 now we are interested in this value), is involved in the "Root of the Seven" (=7.2). Obviously, there is an exact logical and mathematical connection between these quantities. It is remarkable, that the septenary Parts are rather close to a foundation of the natural logarithm, and it allows to use the modern formula: e7.2 1333.33333, where e=2.71828183. Obviously, the apocryphal Seven occupies a high position in the structure of the Universe. However, it is not simply an "exponent", but the form of the forms, i.e. "an exponent in the degree", because the Prevailing Number and the Parts, into which it is divided in the Metasphere, are the "exponents" too.

So, the numerical hierarchy is opened to us. Seven is the number which seems to be ordinary. But if we think of it as of the Seven, abiding in the Pleroma, then it is already the exponent in the degree the "Root of the Seven". It generates grandiose quantities and first of all the Prevailing Number.

The Prevailing Number manifests itself in the new role - as an inspired Image of the Most High God. He is the creator and ruler of the World and he has the Name (the Christians call him the Lord). In the Egyptian mythology the God-Creator is Amun Ra. He creates and rules all the subordinate Gods, which reside behind the Exterior Limit of the Pleroma. The Most High Light transformed by the Exterior Limit of the Pleroma, becomes the Scattered Light, invisible, but comprehended by the "eyes of mind".

Now the numerical stream pours out its energy over the Exterior Limit, where the essence of the Prevailing Number is displayed. An invisible spiritual stream the Scattered Light illuminates and forms the new power area the Metasphere.

Great Cube

The Metasphere, as it was marked, is an invisible super-ñelestial area of the World Reason and Soul, where Demiurges, various Divinities and Demons, Angels and Saints, Kings, Heroes and Genii arise. All the spiritual entities abide pre-eternally and eternally there. However, now we are interested not in their vigorous creative life, but in the original forms of the Universe, that is unrolled from the Higher Seven. Maybe, the magic Numbers will help to follow the Logos of the thought of the ancient Priests.

The Prevailing Number (=e1333.3333) outlines the Metasphere the initial Sphere, which sizes are enormous, but are not endless. From the mobile motionless Center up to the Exterior boundaries the Scattered Light is poured, being condensed Inside and creating the new ideal forms the True Existing Numbers. The whole the exponent is divided into four Parts which keep a secret septenary rhythm: 1333.3333:4=333.33333.

In the actual Sphere from the three Parts of the Whole the Pre-Eternal Cube is formed (=e1000). The sides of the ideal Cube are huge (e1000=e333.3333*e333.3333*e333.333). Inside it there are ideas pre-images of all essences, all things. Caaba, a cubic stone of wisdom appears here 3000 years prior to the creation of the World. Here the Pyramids arise, the pre-eternal Space and Time, the first Demiurges and all the sacred Books and Scriptures, in which all the secret Knowledge is concentrated. These spiritual essences condense in themselves the fourth Part of the Whole, a quarter of the numerical energy of the Prevailing Number (=e333.3333). Initially having arisen in the Scattered Light, the Gods-Monads-Genii perceive also the brightest Most High Light and they begin their work at once, creating and taking part in the creative deeds of the Most High God. After the arrangement of the Metasphere, a turn has come to create the visible-invisible material Cosmos.

The Creator begins the creation of the World not at once. Firstly in the Metasphere the Forces and Authorities are set up, the Boundaries and Limits are established, so the pre-image of the Universe and the forthcoming World Order is formed. Everything, that is noted in the celestial Book of Life, will then be exhibited in the Cosmos, in the destiny of the Earth and Man-Mankind. In our opinion, according to the Pre-Eternal Plan, a space model of the Macrocosm in the Metasphere was provided with such sizes:

So, in the invisible Metasphere the Great Cube - the sample of the future Universe appeared. Nobody knows, for how long the ideal figures have been formed, but since then the Pre-Image of the World has always stayed in the Pre-Eternal Sphere. A great secret lies in the fact, why the Creator was not content with a bodiless environment, but decided to create the material and substantial Cosmos and Man. The cosmogonic Myths treat this grandiose act differently. But everywhere it is underlined directly or indirectly, that the Demiurge (Atum Ra, Marduk, Elohim, the Lord God) created not arbitrarily, but according to the Pre-Eternal Plan, and created geometrically, by the Word and Number.

What is represented by the sizes of the Great Cube? How to name these units? We shall start with the assumption that in the Methasphere there are only the True Existing Numbers, which are universal by their ideal nature. It means, that in the lowest Sphere, in the spiritual-material Space, on the Earth, the units of measurement of the Great Cube can aquire different appearance and can be applied to all the aspects of measurements, i.e. to be a measure of length, weight, time, money, to serve as the simple accounting signs for the calculation of any multitude. And in each concrete quantity the secret universality, the participation in the higher unity will be saved. However, it will be so in the created World. And the Great Cube, which we behold in the Metasphere, expresses the universal Unity, where there are no distinctions and singularities yet, where all the ideal Cosmos and its Pre-Eternal Plan stay in a contracted condition. Therefore, in order to answer the problems under discussion, it is necessary to imagine, into what sizes the dimensions of the Cube will turn, when in the image of this ideal sample all the material Cosmos will be unrolled in the Universe.

And God said and it was so. Time came - and the miracle happened. The third Sphere, illuminated by the Dark Light of the World Soul and the World Spirit was created. The spiritual Cosmos appeared, where the visible-invisible Stars and Constellations rotate. The center of the World is the Earth illuminated by the Sun and the Moon, which light is within reach of the sight of all alive creatures. The Earth is the eternal dwelling-place of Man-Mankind whose task is to live according to the law of the sacred calendar, in the septenary rhythm, initially and eternally established by the higher Divinity.

According to the doctrine of the Priests, the Pleroma is the source, and the Metasphere is the reason of existence of the Cosmos, that arose at the will of the Most High God. Therefore, the higher Spheres, so to say, contain all information about the Universe. The Great Cube forms a terrestrial dwelling-place of Man, and tells him that in this geometrical figure it is possible "by the eyes of mind" to see a sacred mystery i.e. to reveal the Space and Time of life of all the Universe.

Measure of the Universe

The Most High God created jokingly, hiding a smile in his moustache and laughing at those fools, who would try to comprehend the mystery of Creation for centuries to come. However, when accomplishing the sacred act, he concealed a smile in his beard, and looked intently at the outlines of the Great Cube and, having determined the Measure according to the ideal Sample, and the next stage according to the Pre-Eternal Plan, he uttered a prophetic Word. The Word of God is the Act, it was immediately embodied in the Parts of the Whole Universe. According to Moses, the Prophet, God had created the World in Six Days, and had finished by the Seventh Day, and had set off to rest, having blessed and hallowed the Seventh Day. The common evaluation of everything that had been created was: "it was very good".

There is a nuance here, which it is necessary to pay attention to. Creating according to the ideal Sample and the Pre-Eternal Plan, however, God created not the perfect, not the best, but only the good World. He reserved His judgement of Man (both the man and the woman), though a picture of each Day was marked by Him with the words: "it was good". Moreover, later the Man had to be created all over again, so unsuccessful the ancestor of the Sixth Day was. At one time, the first Christian gnostics severely reprobated Elohim for the fact that the World and the Man were rather far from being perfect. Such course of events could be seen in many Cosmogonic Myths. And it is important for us to note, that God created strictly under the Law, according to which everything, that is embodied differs from the Pre-Eternal Sample, everything, that is created concedes to the intention, the off-the shelf subject is always worse than the idea, that matured in the head of the Master.

But it does not mean, that Demiurge, while creating the World, made an error or spoiled something. Acting strictly according to the Plan, He only slightly changed an ideal Measure of the Pre-Eternal Sample, and He knew very well, that in the coming off material Cosmos and the more so on the Earth these deviations would increase, but would not break a common picture. But Man, wandering and getting through the obstacles, would always strive for the ideals, that flicker in the Highest Light.

At the beginning of the creation God updated and transformed his Standard. He by an easy impact destroyed the Great Cube and got a lot of small cubes from one Sample. The length-width-height of each was equal to one.


Then He put them one above the other and constructed a vertical column. However, it is possible with the same success to call this universal Standard a ruler, or a measuring rope, the first universal abacus. It was possible to curve and to turn this Standard into circles and spirals, to divide it into the constituents, but always each of the cubes kept the principal feature: it had the relation to the Pre-Eternal Sample and harboured the brightness of the Higher Seven. The divine method of measurements is deductive by nature, from the Universal to the Common, to the Particular and the Singular, piercing all the Exterior and the Interior at once. Therefore, first of all He determined the Length and the Time of life of the Cosmos. For this purpose He equated each cube with one day, knowing beforehand, that during four Solar years, calculated according to the bright star of Sirius, there would pass 1460+1 days and nights on the Earth. Having outlined by the Standard a Decade of Circles, Demiurge at once created the ennead of Great Years for nine principal Gods.

(440)3=(440)*(440)*(440) = 85184000 days

85205520:365.25=9*25920 years

The Great "zero" Year, the initial one, was not taken into consideration because primary elements were beginning to appear in the medium of raging chaos. From the flames, boiling water and squally wind above the cosmic shaky grounds it was far to the emerging of organic life. And according to the Pre-Eternal Plan not the whole Decade was allowed for Man, but only a turn of the higher Great Years. Therefore the Demiurge singled out this triad:


3*25920=77760 years

The Great Year 25920 years is the basic cycle of life of the ancient Cosmos, the global Changes take place at the boundaries of its Beginning and End. We shall not speak of how the Demiurge put on due places a lot of Stars and the rings of Constellations, how inside the circle of the Zodiac, having calculated by the same Standard the sizes and orbits, He started Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and then Venus and Mercury, how He set the great Sun on fire, so that all of them, together with their Moons, served to the Earth, which together with Man became the spiritual center of all the Universe.

We shall at once turn our eyes upon the Earth, where in the Seventh Great Year in the prosperous Ancient Egypt there lived the active people under the authority of powerful Kings and wise Priests. They worked unceasingly, cultivated fields and built, perceived the surrounding World. During long millennia the Priests-Star-Gazers had made many discoveries, and they thanked and glorified their Amun-Ra and the galaxy of his associates. The gods were not in their debt, either. Owing to the deeds useful for the people, they have ascended Osiris and Isis higher than the Constellations. Due to his love for nature the wise Thoth was granted a Sidereal Calendar and was elevated to the rank of the Gods. And the High Priest of Heliopolis, the Head of the observers of Stars and the unsurpassed architect Imhotep in spirit was made familiar with the secret of the arrangement of the celestial Pyramid. The higher revelations inspired the Priests to a great labour - to save for the seekers after the truth the secret of celestial Knowledge for ever. The creators of the Great Pyramid knew very well the parameters of the Pre-Eternal Sample and the celestial Plan of the Universe. When they made a start, they already knew the limits of the Universe, the exact sizes of Planets and the Earth, and the place, where it was necessary to locate the mysterious Sphynx and the Great Pyramid.

We are not the first people who ascribe high Knowledge to the Priests of Ancient Egypt. Such suppositions have existed for centuries, and there are reasons to believe them. The archeological finds marked the beginning of the discoveries. But the astrologers keep the palm. We suppose, that the modern astronomers will be amazed also, when they will comprehend the secret Measures of the Priests more deeply. The model of the Universe constructed above allows to make the first steps along the ancient Path from the Earth to the Stars.

Measure of the Earth

The Priests, as well as the Gods, created geometrically. If we imagine the picture of the formation of the Earth, the Logos of the thought creates a Sphere from an insignificant Point. According to the Pythagorean scheme the development goes in such sequence: Point (1) Line (2) triangular Plane (3) Pyramid (4) (Cube) Hemisphere (5) Sphere (rotation) (6), and the Seven (7) will announce about the perfect Body, which will eternally exist in the rest-movement. So appears a pre-image of the World, the initial form, and further there are light and darkness, the first elements fire and water, air and earth, all of them form countless multitudes (=10000) of bodily organic forms of the vegetative and animal world.

The similar Sphere can be of any dimensions, its Seven nodal points will determine its form, but they tell us nothing about its sizes. The Cosmos is concrete and exact in its manifestations, all the stars, the planets and their orbits differ from each other. The Priests were absolutely convinced, that all forms and bodies from the Universe up to Man were created according to the common Sample and were calculated by the common Measure. To avoid monotony, the Demiurge applied the universal Standard very skilfully, not in the least breaking, but in every possible way strengthening the unity of nature in its variety.

Let us remind you that: the space Standard consists of the cubes, which length-height-width is equal to one. The material form of the Earth which came off far from the divine Spheres could not be ideal. Apparently, the Demiurge applied a double measure: one - for the terrestrial axes, another for the equator. Certainly, the most exact and strong should be the polar axis of the Earth, and with the same tolerance the equatorial diameter. The Creator, when He carried out His plan, probably, added the Seven cubes to the Great Cube (exemplar and universal), and He divided the obtained outcomes also by the Seven.

Diameter of the Earth (polar) = (439.5741+7)3:7 = 12722796 m = 12722.8 km

Rpolar ancient = 6361.4 km

Rpolar, measured from a satellite = 6356.9 km

Diameter of the Earth (equatorial) = (440+7)3:7 = 12759232 m = 12759.2 km

Requatorial ancient = 6379.6 km

Requatorial, according to a modern manual = 6378 km

There is a lot here to be surprised at. The outcome of our calculations, if we express it in meters or kilometers, ideally coincides with the data of the modern science. Such high exactitude is amazing. Certainly, it is necessary to recollect here the ratio pi. In Ancient Egypt they knew the value of the ratio of the length of the circle to its diameter. In the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow even the papyrus is kept, which contains this information. It is considered, that the Egyptians accepted this ratio in the limits of 3¸31/6.

In Europe pi became known from the beginning of the 17th century under the name of the "Ratio of Ludolph", but its value was calculated by many mathematicians. The Dutch scientist determined 32 decimal places of this number, though such an exactitude is not always necessary in practice. Let's remark, that the Priests were guided by their theory: the further has a subject come off from its pre-image, the worse is its embodiment. And consequently the truth and beauty are "in God's hand", and man creates only vague similarities. Maybe, outlining the circles on the ground, for example, for the stone concentric sanctuaries, as it was accepted with the help of a driven-in stake and a rope, the prehistorical Britons (and not only they) were content with the number of 3, wherefore such a ratio of a circle to a diameter was correct. But the Globe is a divine creation, and the Priests nowhere and never doubted that, therefore we shall calculate the length of the equator through pi.

Circumference of the equator according to the hieratic count:

(440+7)3:7*3.14159265 =12759232*3.14159265 =40084309 m = 40084.31 km

Circumference of the equator in accordance with a space satellite

= 40075.7 km

It is possible to treat these results differently, but the numbers speak for themselves. At the same time, the problem arises: why do we divide the celestial Standard into Seven Parts, as though arranging the terrestrial axes from Seven poles? The hint at the necessity of a similar operation can be found in the Bible. In the Book of Proverbs of King Solomon God's Wisdom Herself testifies to the fact, that in the Days of Creation She was like an Architect there, when the Lord "set a compass upon the face of the depth", "when he appointed the foundations of the earth". As if summing up all the geometrical activity, Solomon states: "Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars" (Pr.-9:1). However, nowadays it is unlikely that this reason will be considered scientific by anybody, however there is a certain piquancy in the sevenfold thickening of the polar column.

Imperial Measure

"The Measure of all things is Man" this brief saying of Protagoras expresses the principle of the construction of the most ancient system of measures. Really, the Demiurge creates not only the Universe and the Cosmos, but also Man, applying for all the embodiments his universal Standard. So the time the Decade of Great Years, and all the cosmic space, including the sizes of the Earth were calculated. The method was simple: all the amount of (440*440*440) cubes of the higher Sample was converted into a proper measure. When time was measured, one such cube was equal to one Day. When God measured space, he equated the length-height-width of the cube to one Cubit.

Creating a system of human measures, the Priests knew, that the Universe is a living organism. The spiritual and bodily forms of a Man are similar to that of the Macrocosm. Everything was created according to the God's Law: everywhere the principal and primary things are proportionally raised above the secondary things. The section takes place in the proportion of 11/21. According to the Egyptian canon, the full height of a Man integrates 21 parts, but the first 11 of them are the higher, principal ones. The ancient measure the cubit keeps the essential meaning of such a division. When a person raises a hand, the elbow is at the level of the top of the head, when the hand is lowered the elbow is at the waist. As though the elbow fences off the head and the torse everything which is the highest, the best, the most important vitally. Maybe, therefore the cubit has become that symbolic measure of space, which allows to single out everything that is the most elevated and essential in any form, in any figure. The waist is the boundary, separating the higher spirituality from the low flesh. So, the ratio has appeared:

Cubit = 11/21 = principal, spiritual/full height, body

The cubit is an ancient measure, which stands rather far from our standards. As well as all other measures (a span, a hand, a foot etc.), it was derived from the proportions of the God Incarnate and was various in different countries. In practice it was equal to the distance "from the cubital crook up to the end of the middle finger (or the thumb) of the prolate hand (or with a clenched fist)".

If we compare 1cubit with a meter, it will appear, that in Babylon "the imperial cubit" made almost 0.555 m, and "the popular cubit" 0.45 m, in Syria 0.37m, in Rome 0.4434 m. In Russia it was about 0.51 m up to the 13th century, and from the 14th up to the 15th century it was exactly 0.51 m, in the 16th 17th centuries 0.48 m, and in the 18th century it went out of use.

Nowadays linear sizes, as a rule, are indicated in meters, and very seldom in cubits or feet, if it is a question of ancient structures. So, the condition is accepted for the Egyptian measures as follows: 1 imperial cubit = 0.5237 meter. But actually it is the same ratio of 11/21shown above. Taking into account, that the ancients preferred to use simple numbers and integers, hereafter we accept the equality:

1 cubit (imperial cubit)= 11/21 meter

Pharaohs cubits

To tell the truth, the formula is not as simple, as it seems to be. We have got used, that the linear measure is a tape with a scale, its thickness and width usually do not interest us. But the imperial cubit though it was a linear measure, at the same time, it as though comprises a contracted small cube of the celestial sample.

The nature of the cubit should be taken into account. One cubit is a linear measure, which has the equal length-height-width.

There are interesting combinations here again. If from Seven cubits we assemble one Cube, practically we shall get 1 cub.m.

7 cubits = 7* (11/21)3 = 1 cub.m

This correlation makes it possible to assume, that in the ancient time there was a certain unit of length equal to 7 cubits (=32/3 meters). For example, it was a measuring spear or a pole for the determination of the height, a building rope for marking out the surfaces and stone blocks. We shall take into account, that cubits could be easily and with a good exactitude transformed into modern measures: 7 cubits=1 cubic meter.

So, we see: from the Great Cube of the Metasphere the Universe was unrolled. The Great Cube (440)3 became a Standard, each cube of which is equal in length-width-height and by virtue of its universality can measure time in days, and space in cubits. Otherwise, the measure of space and time is double-natured. It means, that the volume of 1 cubic cubit comprises 1 day. And on the contrary: the Seven of days and nights as though carries away 7 cubits (one cubic meter) of space with it.

The measures have a divine origin. So the Priests of the religions of revelation taught. Therefore, they were applied both to obvious measurements, and for secret calculations, by which the mystical unification of all celestial and terrestrial was expressed. With due confidence it is possible to say now: the great Pyramid at El Giza, as well as the megaliths of Stonehenge, in the forms of their stone space keep the secret of the universal time. The Logos of the ancient Priests leads us to such a conclusion. We shall consider these gigantic structures from this point of view.

Games with Numbers

The Egyptian cubit correlates
with many interesting quantities.
For example, six cubits ñoincide with the ratio pi:


Seven cubits make it possible to go over
to the decimal system of measures:


The products are interesting:



The quotients are curious:

31/7: 6 = 0.523809524

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