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Virtual Pyramid of Stonehenge

Chapter 4 . Old Message

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Old Message

There is not enough authentic information about the ancient Sanctuary, which stone remainders stand in Stonehenge. It is supposed, that the first stones were put up in the middle of the Bronze Age, when along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the Northern Sea, from Spain to the British Isles, megalithic culture began developing actively and started advancing to the North. The construction of the Sanctuary was carried on with large intervals in the period from 2800 up to 1700 B.C., the whole complex was formed approximately during three phases.

At the end of the Stone Age the Heelstone was installed, the Exterior and the Interior banks were made, so to say, a great amount of hard work was performed, about which nowadays we can say in short: Stonehenge-1 appeared. It was about 2600 B.C. Six centuries later they began to rebuild the Sanctuary. However, we may say, that the secular labour at the second phase met with a reverse. All the multiton megaliths, installed according to the plan of Stonehenge-2, were demolished again. The last stage lasted approximately from 1700 up to 1600 B.C., and the rebuilt object found its final forms Stonehenge-3 appeared.

Separate monoliths were reinstalled hereinafter, therefore it is difficult to speak about an exact date of the end of the construction. Probably, after the sanctification of the temple a large feast was held. The Sanctuary opened a new, creative epoch, and, probably, became the important center, whence the cult of new knowledge began to be spread to the extensive territories, changing and elevating the way of life of the people.

Doubtlessly, the sanctuary was built by the wise Priests. In 1740 Doctor William Stukeley published his work: Stonehenge the Temple Returned to the British Druids. Stukeley vigorously supported the Druids' theory, which one century earlier had been put forward by another researcher John Aubrey. The majority of the present scientists rejects "the ill-fated idea" about the construction of Stonehenge by the Druids, as the temple was built much earlier. However, the Druids, apparently, earlier than the others had perceived and saved for a long time the magic cult of their ancient teachers.

Julius Caesar made an interesting description of the customs of the Celts in his Commentaries on the Gallic War. "In the whole of Gaul there are only two influential and noble estates. As for simple people, they are treated almost as if they were slaves... One of these two estates is the estate of the Druids, and the other - is that of the horsemen. The first one is occupied in ministering to the gods, observes the proper fulfilment of ceremonies of immolation, both public, and private, and also solves the ritual questions. A lot of young men come to them, and are taught by them and respect them deeply... There is a High one among these Druids...

They say, that the Druids learn a lot of poems by heart at schools, that is why some study for twenty years there... They use the Greek alphabet... Their doctrine consists first of all in the supposition that the souls do not die, and after death they transfer from one body into another... Besides they debate a lot about stars and their movement, about sizes of the world and the Earth... The Gauls are convinced, that all of them originated from one father, Dis, and they say, that they learned it from the Druids. For this reason they calculate time not by the elapsed days, but by nights, and in commemorating of the days of birth and the beginning of a month or years the day follows the night there".

The Roman historian Pliny also informs on the magic art of the Druids in Gaul, where it "...was saved up to now you see, that not earlier than in times of Tiberius Caesar by his power the Druids were exterminated together with the others, who were the same, as they were, physicians, prophets and sorcerers. I shall mention only, that this art, which crossed the broad ocean and which reached land at the most distant limits of earth, behind which there is nothing, except for boundless breadth of air and water, and to the present day is rather honored in Britain, where the people... are wholly devoted to it...

Considering this subject, it is necessary to mention of adoration, which in the whole of Gaul the mistletoe was the object. In the Druids' opinion the Gauls call their magicians so there is nothing more sacred than a mistletoe and a tree, on which it grows, if, of course, it is the oak. Besides, they immutably consider oak forests as sacred groves, and not a single solemn rite manages without oak leaves. The name of the "Druids" is, apparently, a word of Greek origin, derivative from the cult of an oak. According to their beliefs, everything that grows on an oak is a gift from heavens, the sign that this tree is selected by the God himself. The mistletoe grows extremely seldom here, and in such cases it is picked up with observance of complicated ceremonies.

More often than not it is done on the sixth day of the Moon, which serves, according to their calculations, as the beginning of the monthly, annual and thirty-year cycles, because on this day the Moon does not reach the middle of its way yet and it is not on the wane. A Priest in a white attire climbs a tree and, having cut off a mistletoe with a golden sickle, catches it in a piece of white cloth. Then the immolations are made, during which the God is asked not to deprive of his favours those whom he has already presented with his blessed gifts. They believe, that the medicine made from the mistletoe will force barren animals to bring an offspring and that the mistletoe is a reliable means against any poison".

The magic art of the "priests of the oak" was eradicated and preserved in different times. But many people sincerely lauded their knowledge. The above-mentioned doctor William Stukeley wrote: "Our predecessors, the Druids of Britain... despite all obstacles, achieved such a height in search of wisdom, that our present knowledge will bashfully grow dim in solar radiance of their learning and religion". To tell the truth, a little is known about the content of the hieratic knowledge.

Whoever the founders of Stonehenge were, certainly they were the wise Priests, possessing an extensive knowledge of nature and magic experience. At present such an art is treated with negligent irony among scientists. Quite often rational grains are also thrown away together with mysticism. But it is possible to conclude even according to the brief quotations, that the sacred knowledge of the Druids is similar to the views of the Egyptian priests, and all of them combined the doctrine about stars with the elevated cult of the Gods. It is very probable, that the uplift of the megalithic culture took place not spontaneously but was directed from the single center, which could be only in Egypt at that time, where stood some Pyramids already and the new Pyramids the stone libraries of astral wisdom were under construction. Therefore it is necessary to look at the geometric structure of Stonehenge from the heights of the Logos of the Egyptian Priests.

Project of the Virtual


From the sunny city of Sais (Heliopolis) just another group of the Priests-missionaries set off to a distant and cold land. In the Temple of Phoenix at the column of the God Atum, where the Benben was built, only by glances they bade farewell for ever to their shaven colleagues, who, silent and immovable, like a straight row of mummies in white clothes, were watching those who left for a long time. Nobody looked back. The day before everybody had taken part in the service in the secret chamber of the Great Pyramid near the sacred ark, where the Head of the sidereal time and the keeper of the Law had said a secret word. Now six travellers should only go one after another, walk steadily and unceasingly after the Seventh, leading into the thirtieth country of the setting Sun, from which there was no way back for anybody.

The missionaries realized clearly all the difficulties of the way and the work which lay ahead of them, and they were sure that everything would be executed according to the will of the High Priest, who was initiated into the ordinance, and who was walking ahead with a measuring crosier in his hand. They tried not to be detained anywhere, were content with poor food and brief rest, were steadfast in adversity and accepted alms calmly.

So they went day after day, month after month, now with the prayerful canticle, now in deep silence. Neither heat, nor cold, nor the alien people could delay their movement. But at the appointed hour, when the Sun sank below the horizon, they, after a prayer, discussed the common cause quietly, so that at night, to strengthen their spirit, and to fix Measures and Numbers of the Law of the Sky and the Earth in their memory forever. And at sunrise, having given praise to the heavenly Body and Atum-Ra, the seven Priests vigorously continued their march keeping the same order. And each of them repeated in his mind a coherent plan of the construction of an unprecedented Pyramid, the creation of which lay ahead of them in the far-away country beyond the sea. However, their memory was stronger than granite, that keeps the sacred Signs. The Priests remembered everything, that they had performed in smallest detail, and they knew all subtleties of the forthcoming work. But the canon is sacred! While the project of the wonderful Pyramid is not embodied in stone, the life-giving Numbers and the flaming contours of it should be revived mentally every day and every night, from the Beginning to the End.

The Priests remembered very well, how the work on the new sacred plan had begun. For ten days and nights the Most Holy Priest and Head of the sky-observers stayed alone in the secret chamber of the Great Pyramid, where he comprehended the revelation of the Most High God. And seven days later, at the full-moon night, in the month of the vernal equinox, when the Stars flickered with divine brightness, in the Temple of Phoenix the Most Holy Priest lifted his hands to the sky and showed two scrolls.

The papyrus scrolls were unrolled, and the ministers of the Temple, only the selected ones, saw, how the Benben stone eradiated suddenly and how the sacred Signs of tablets began to shine. On the right there were Hieroglyphs and Divine Pre-Images, on the left there were Calendar Numbers and Human Writings. Everyone beheld secret Signs and Circles in speechless amazement, as if for ever and ever fixing the glyths of the future Pyramid in their memory. Nobody could tell, how long the miracle lasted for. But the Most Holy Priest scarcely visibly moved his lips, uttering the sacred Name-Number, and the vision disappeared. The supernatural revelation was obtained, and now each Priest knew, what he had to do in order that the Signs of the Most High God became the Sample of the earthly plan.

Certainly, we did not participate in sanctification of the project of the virtual Pyramid of Stonehenge, to erect which the seven Priests set off from Egypt in ancient times. For certain, everything happened differently, however, we venture to recreate in numbers and figures the idea, that made the creators of the Pyramid begin a heavy centuries-old labour, so that to make numerous kins and tribes, that lived in the Northern and Western areas of the European continent, familiar with the new culture.

We shall use the polar forms i.e. celestial and terrestrial as the basis for the reconstruction of the ancient project. Firstly, there is an explained-above divine Law-Logos, embodied by the Priests in the structure of the Great Pyramid and the celestial Calendar of the Sage Thoth. Secondly, there are the outlines of the earthen banks, the megalithic circles and the stones, which have survived to this day in Stonehenge. The projection of remainders of the virtual Pyramid is shown here.

It is known, that the Lord created geometrically by means of the Measure, Weight and Number. Therefore the banks and the ditches, and the rings of megaliths should keep the light of high ideas in their sizes, by which the wise Priests were motivated. We shall see, how the ancient theory was applied in practice.

What was the secret Name which was silently uttered by the Head of the Star-Observers, when he showed the wonderful tablets to the Priests? We shall assume, that this Word was a Number, namely the Seven = 7.28. Let us remind you of the fact that from the Unity the three spheres the incomprehensible Pleroma, the invisible bodiless Metasphere and the inspired material Cosmos are formed. First of all the "Root of the Seven", the higher Fore-Source of everything, manifests itself. Its numerical energy is enormous, wherefore it is "an exponent in a degree". For every sacred object on the Earth the invisible Seven of the Pleroma has a concrete value. The virtual Pyramid of Stonehenge arises from the "Root of the Seven" 7.28.

The Seven is transformed into the Prevailing Number 1456 at the Interior Limit. Essentially, it is the same quantity, which is presented in another appearance. The further changes happen behind the Exterior Limit in the invisible Metasphere.


The Unity

"Root of the Seven"

Interior Limit

Prevailing Number

Exterior Limit


Monads - Hebdomads

Space and Time
of the Universe

True Existing Numbers

25920 years


Ideal Stonehenge

Limit of Metasphere



Stone Stonehenge

Here the numerical energy (the Lord 1456) is divided into the celestial Gods, the creators of the Universe. Demiurges, Monads and Hebdomads appear.

1456= 1000+36.043667+333.333+56+16.063+14.56

These giants generate True Existing Numbers, the Space and Time of the ideal Cosmos.

The Numbers-Ideas, descending from the "Root of the Seven" create pre-images and forms of all things and entities in Metasphere. The spiritual energy of the Seven creates an invisible sanctuary in Metasphere in its "own image", a flaming Pyramid, which after its material embodiment will be called Stonehenge. Thus, the Logos of the emanation shows, that the idea of the sanctuary, all its Numbers and Forms, sizes and proportions are not taken arbitrary, but were sent by God from the Sky to the Earth and were received by the Priests as a revelation.

The construction of the Sanctuary is the embodiment of the God's intention. The heavy labour of the builders found its justification in the service to the Most High God. The priests-astronomers and theologians, who produced calculations, knew the theory of Logos very well and applied it skilfully. Therefore it is important to catch the course of the creative thought of the founders of Stonehenge-1. The wise Priests, certainly, had delineations of the new building. These were not the rolls of papers, not the plane tables of figures and plans, but the Signs and Numbers fixed in memory.

The basic tools were a belt and a crosier, a rope and a pole, with their help they measured and marked out, carried out and fixed marks on the area. And always the efforts were directed so that the earthly Sanctuary perfectly corresponded to the celestial Pre-Image. Therefore it is necessary to reveal a hidden logical and mathematical connection between the true existing values of the Metasphere and the sizes of the object. The solution will be right, if the esoteric geometry and the secret numbers of the Priests will allow to recreate the actual plan of Stonehenge.

The project of the new Sanctuary was created by the Egyptian Priests according to the "own image" of the Great Pyramid. However, they changed the configuration considerably. Not the guadrate but the circle was used as the basis of the virtual Pyramid. Besides, they reduced three times the volume of the figure, but they saved the former height. Apparently, the Egyptians knew the territory and natural resources of Albion, and they imagined the difficulties of construction. The far-away Sanctuary had to be less important according to its status and the sizes than the Thrice-Greatest Pyramid, that stood in the center of the World.

Space and Time are identical. The triple diminution of volume entailed also the triple reduction of time. The Sanctuary was designed for the term of 77760:3 = 25920 years for one Great Year. Probably, the ancient wise men supposed, that such a period was sufficient, so that to make the semi-barbarous hunters and predatory collectors of fruits, who exterminated wild animals and each other, familiar with agriculture and cattle breeding, to teach them farming, respecting nature and forests, for the sake of which it was required to implant the cult of the green Oak. The Sanctuary had to illuminate the Northern land with the light of new knowledge, to reconcile the conflicting tribes and kins, by turning them to a new life.

Therefore, beginning to detect the parameters of the Sanctuary, we shall start from the Space and Time, that the Great Year comprises in itself i.e. 25920 years. For the virtual Pyramid of Stonehenge this value is determined by the equality:

VVolume of Pyramid=77760:3*365.25=9467280 cub.cubits

TTime of Pyramid=9467280 days =9467280:365.25 =

=25920 years

VVolume of Pyramid=1/3*31/7*R2hVirtual Pyramid=TTime of Pyramid

The well-known formula, which allows to calculate the volume of the Pyramid, or to find the sizes of a pyramidal cone according to the given volume, found another aspect here. Instead of modern pi we use 31/7, as the Priests, we suppose, calculated with the help of prime numbers, the sevens and parts of the seven. Irrational pi, probably, was known to them, however, the deviation from the Sevens hampers the calculation and worsens the celestial Pre-Image. The formula shows, that Space and Time are interchangeable for the Demiurge.

In order to determine a diameter of the circle, which forms the basis of the virtual Pyramid precisely, it is necessary to remember, that the Great Pyramid of Egypt has an overground (celestial) and underground parts: 7/11+4/11=1. For Stonehenge a close but another proportion was adopted: 47/72+25/72=1 (0.652777+0.347222=1). Taking into account this separation of Time, it is necessary to find the appropriate volumes of Space.

VCelestial Cone = 47/72*25920 years =16920 years = =16920*365.25 days =

=6180030 days = 6180030 cub.cubits

VEarthly Cylinder = 25/72*25920 years = 9000 years = =9000*365.25 days =

= 3287250 days = 3287250 cub.cubits

When we know the volume of the Celestial (overground) Cone, it will be no trouble for us to determine the Diameter of the circle of the foundation of this figure, taking into consideration, that the height of the Pyramid remained immutable hVirtual Pyramid = 280 cubits.

The sketch shows a geometric figure i.e. a conic Pyramid on a round foundation. Its total volume is equal to 0.652778 of the peroid of the Great Year 16920 years. The circle, that outlines the radius of the foundation of the virtual Pyramid (=76 meters), contains all the stone rings, banks and ditches of the Sanctuary, with the exception of the Heelstone. This Stone is 78 meters away from the center, and it is possible to say, is raised above the foundation.

The circle of the foundation of the virtual Pyramid is accepted with a condition, that 47/72 of 25920 years are raised above the ground, and 25/72 of the Great Year are as though hidden in the ground. This solution noticeably reduces the diameter of the foundation. The Priests-Designers, probably, checked up different variants. But first of all they had to find out the sizes of the circle, which would be taken up by the Pyramid isometric to the whole Great Year.

It was quite possible, that such marks were made on the area. Probably, some ancient signs are preserved on the circle with the radius of 94 meters from the center of the Sanctuary. To tell the truth, most likely there was no necessity in such signs during the construction, but the sacred Law-Logos is a delicate sphere, full of hieratic ordinances, where all the celestial and terrestrial are manifested in unity.

Banks and Ditches

The Heelstone falls out of the common picture. Why? The answer will be given in the next chapter. And here we shall only mark, that according to the project of the ancients it should be like this. The Heelstone not only indicates the elevated purpose - the sunrise at the morning hour of the summer solstice of June 20-22. Except for the astral role, it embodies the most important, divine meaning and personifies the higher Sign, i.e. the mysterious obelisk of Benben.

But now we shall turn our eyes upon the ground. The virtual Pyramid should stand on a deep cylindrical foundation. We observed such picture in the structure of the Egyptian Pyramid, with the difference, that the area of its square foundation is thrice as large as the area of the basic circle of Stonehenge. This is the project, by which the measure for the Celtic Sanctuary not of 77760, but of 25920 years was established. But the calculated depths of the foundations are almost equal 531/3 cubits (28 meters) for the Egyptian Pyramid and 492/3 cubits (26 meters) for the virtual one.

To dig out such a foundation pit and to construct an enormous basement of the blocks seems rather problematic. It is unlikely that this task was set anywhere. The Egyptians, as it is known, constructed the Great Pyramid on a solid stony plateau, however, in the center of the foundation they managed to reach the projected mark of 531/3 cubits, having built the underground chamber there. According to Herodotus, the whole decade was swallowed up by the titanic labour, the meaning of which was lost a very long time ago. But the creators of Stonehenge had to confront with the problem: it was required to make the underground chamber at the specific depth so that to designate the part of the Great Year of 7/20*25920 years hidden forever.

It is impossible for us to know, what debates took place among the designers, what variants were considered by them. However, it is possible to guess about the accepted solution. They realized clearly, that in the far-away Northern country there were no such forces and resources so as to construct the underground chamber. Another way out was found from that dead-lock. There are tracks of the past epochs in the Earth, terrestrial space swallows the ceased life, and consequently they designated the times of the Great Year, that had passed a long time before, with the help of the Ditch and the Banks, which enclose the stones of Stonehenge.

It was decided to dig out the Ditch around the Sanctuary instead of the underground chamber. Besides, - to construct the Banks. Usually such structures are made to defend the object. But in a mystical sense these are Limits and Boundaries, dividing the Exterior and the Interior, the Past, the Present and the Future, the Higher and the Lower, the Obvious and the Secret. Therefore, the Limit, while keeping the secret of the astral Time, should designate the specific boundaries precisely. The Priests knew how to calculate the depth-width of the Ditch, that would encircle the Sanctuary, but first of all they found the diameter of this Circle.

Thus, the project of the Sanctuary-Observatory had exact and deeply justified parameters in its basis, that, in turn, required high exactitude in its construction from the future builders.

"Stonehenge was built in three stages.

The first construction, the traces of which we can find, took place about 1900 B.C., when the complex was begun which we now call Stonehenge-I for convenience. At the end of the Stone Age some people maybe, the hunters from the island and the farmers from the continent dug a large circular ditch, throwing out the ground and forming two banks on both of its sides. This ring, formed by the ditch and the banks, was left nonclosed in the north-east, so that it was possible to enter inside.

The exterior bank, which has almost dissapeared now, had the form of almost a regular circle with the diameter of about 115 meters. It was the earthen embankment 2.5 meters wide and 50-80 centimeters high. The ditch was just behind the exterior bank. Now it is much deeper in the eastern part, because in the 20s of our century it was dug out there, and was filled in again only partially. The initial structure of the ditch was identical over its whole length, but its width and direction changed very considerably. Strictly speaking, it was not even a ditch, but a ring, consisting of separate pits, sometimes with cross-connections, which were not destroyed. It is quite clear, that they were simply used as pits and were not included in the structure itself. The width of these pits changes from 3 to almost 6 meters, and the depth approximately from 1.3 to 2.1 meters. Apparently, nothing was done for the preservation of the ditch, because just after it was dug out, it again began to be filled in with crushed chalk, which poured into it from the banks, and with all the things, that the builders took it in their head to throw there. Directly from the interior edge of the moat the most impressive chalk component of early Stonehenge rose above - that was the interior bank. This enbankment formed a circle having the diameter of approximately 100 meters from one ridge to another. This bank was dazzling white, about 6 meters wide and at least 1.8 meters high and, probably, instilled reverential awe and, closing the holy place, did not allow to enter unworthy, vain subjects and unworthy, vain people there. Built from solid chalk, of which the upper layers almost everywhere around Stonehenge consist, it can be well noticed even today.

Exclusive singularity of this bank consists in its position concerning the whole complex. Practically in all other monuments of the same common type as Stonehenge, large surrounding banks are made at the exterior side of the moats, from which the ground was taken; the position of the greatest bank inside of the moat is almost a unique singularity of Stonehenge. This strange exñeption to, apparently, a rather stable rule caused many guesses, but not a single satisfactory explanation has been offered for the present".

The picture of the beginning of the construction of Stonehenge-I, certainly, can not claim the completeness and reliability. The pre-historical gloom will not be dispelled for a long time. However, it is unlikely, that separated and frequently conflicting tribes, kins and groups of hunters, fishermen and collectors of fruits, hardly familiar with agriculture, could be united suddenly and begin together the hardest collective labour, the time of which is measured by centuries. Such heroism is connected with the breaking of the customary way of life and requires a huge preparatory work. The force which was capable to mobilize many thousands of the local and distant inhabitants of the area on this unprecedented deed, could not be money or values. The production and exchange at the end of the Stone Age hardly gave any freedom of maneuver to the organizers of the construction. What motivated the people, as now the saying goes, on the hard and heroic labour?

Such a force, most likely, was a flaming Word and a bright example of cultivating land, the increasing productivity of which saved from famine and extinction. The new brotherhood of the spiritually rallied order of the Druids-Ascetics, probably, received their knowledge and plans from the Priests-Missionaries, who came from afar. It took decades to prove and to show the importance and benefit of the belief in the ñelestial Gods, who rule the movement of the Sun and the Moon, give information about calendar terms and seasons, multiply the crop and offspring, and to those who believe whole-heartedly they bestow eternal life. Probably, not the first messengers began the construction, but their faithful attendants-disciples, who were initiated into the secrets of the cult of heavenly Bodies and Trees. They succeeded in leading ceremonies and feasts, firmly remembered the principal Numbers of the project, but in independent calculations and in the construction, certainly, they were not as dexterous, as their Egyptian teachers. Nevertheless, the Sanctuary-Observatory, created under the Druids' authority, like the Great Pyramid of Egypt, can serve a perfect sample of astrological exactitude.

The universal Law and methods of calculations, that were applied during the projection and construction of Stonehenge, allowed the Priests to state with full confidence, that the Most High God himself drew the celestial circles on the ground, indicated the places, where it is necessary to put up the sacred Stones. The method of calculations is common, therefore the total result for the Ditch and the Banks is shown in the Table-1.

The seventh Great Year, which the Most High God bestowed upon the Priests of the epoch of Pyramids, was divided in Stonehenge into the bygone and forthcoming centuries. The waves of time have already washed off 9720 and 9000 years. Behind the Exterior Limit (Bank-1 and Ditch) the old epochs were left, multiple the fatal nine. But it is impossible to return the past, the Earth absorbs and transforms everything which is uninspired. However, there is almost a third (5/18=0.2778) of the Great Year ahead, the best time is equal to 7200 years, when the new life will be organised under the laws of the celestial calendar, the stone foundations of which will be constructed Inside the sacred Bank-2. The mighty Stones will keep the Law up to the end of the century and would fire the life in the Eighth Great Year with a spiritual light.


Plan of Stonehenge-1

According to the project

of the Virtual Pyramid






Part of the Great Year


of the Part of the Year

Sign of the Diameter of the Circle


of the Circle


ding to the original data




Exterior Bank-1

















Interior Bank-2













In brackets the measures

in whole cubits are indicated which, probably,

were used by the builders.












Built from solid chalk, and dazzling white (a symbol of priesthood) the Bank-2 was an Interior Limit, the circle of which separated the ecclesiastics from temporal cares and misfortunes. The Bank concealed the ordinances of hieratic ceremonials, the secrets of contemplation of celestial heavenly bodies and calendar calculation from outside eyes. But the epoch of 7200 years is remarkable also by the thing, which is manifested not only in the virtual Pyramid of Stonehenge. The Christian theologians, calculating time from the Creation to the Apocalypse, assigned the Seven millenia to the Universe too, to be more exact 7200 years.

This coincidence is not accidental but law-governed, if we take into account, that the epochs from Adam to Christ were calculated according to the biblical esoteric scheme, hidden in Pentateuch of Prophet Moses the Egyptian Priest. Stone tablets, given by the God and broken by Moses at the mount of Sinai, kept the secret of the Law of Pyramids. The temple of Druids and the Laws of Moses are common in their logical, mathematical and geometrical fundamentals.

It is obvious, that the numbers of the virtual project, shown in the Table-1, coincide, and rather exactly, with the sizes of circle buildings, the information about which is given in literature. The amount of coincidences will accrue hereinafter. But here it is necessary to pay attention to such singularity. Stonehenge embodies the universal Law. It means, that all its elements large-scale circles, and mighty megaliths, and small stones, the banks and ditches, all of them are included into a united geometric system. It is constructed so, that, knowing the principle, it is possible from the "Root of the Seven" to unroll and to construct all Parts of the project, and on the contrary from a separate Part to recognize and to restore the project and object as a whole. Though, it is rather intricate and laborious work, which requires exact plans, measurements and evaluations, however it is quite in the powers of the lovers of British history, who furthermore have computer engineering at their disposal. Here we shall only show the direction of deeper renovation of the Sanctuary.

In our opinion, the Banks and the Ditch could not be arbitrary. Most likely, these profiles were included in a common system and were calculated according to the formula of the triangle, which area was multiple to the days of the Great Year. Already a simple calculation of the volumes of the ground, that was required to take out from the circular pit and to put it on the banks, certainly, taking into account the probable dimensions, elucidates the sacral numbers. The archaic remainders of those structures do not allow to make a final statement, but they agree with the conclusion, that the parameters of the Ditch and the Banks have the secret control Numbers.

Table - 2

Volumes of the ground of the Banks and the outlined Ditch

According to the project of the Virtual Pyramid





Length of the circle


Height (Depth)

Volume of the ground


Height (Depth)


Height (Depth)



































Bank 2















Two final numbers attract attention 25925 years and 26298 cubic cubits. These are some kind of control sums. The last value can be presented in days, then 26298 days will make 26298:365.25=72 years. In such aspect the relation of astral values acquires a mystical sense. You see, the ground means the past time, and the ancient limit of human life was 72 years.

Games with Numbers

It is known, that Solon was not only an outstanding statesman, but was also famous for his far-sightedness. After the tyrant Pisistratus had come to power, he left Athenes and went to Egypt, where he learned hieratic sciences. Then he left for Asia, where he met the Persian sovereign. The ancient historian Herodotus informs about some talks of Solon with King Croesus. Thus, in his statements about happiness the Sage did not give preference to the king, that was the cause of his great annoyance. Croesus said in anger: "O Guest from Athenes! You attach not the slightest importance to my happiness, so that you even do not consider me level with these simple people".


The answer of Solon is instructive. Let us read it and look at the calendar numbers, which we are interested in.

"It is possible to see much and to experience a lot during a long life. I consider 70 years a limit of human life. These 70 years make 25200 days without an inserted month".When edifying Croesus, Solon uses a calendar system of the Egyptian priests. (One year here contains 360 days. Speaking about 70 years of life, Solon gradually shows, that the duration of it ascends to 72 years).

"But if you add a month to each of the second year, so that the seasons [in the correspondence with calendar months] come at the appointed time, and there will be 35 inserted months in 70 years, and there will be 1050 days in these months. And from all the days within 70 years, i. e. from 26250 days, there are no absolutely similar days: each day brings new events".

Apparently, reluctant to uncover the sacred mystery to the foreign king, Solon uses cunning tricks. If we solve them, then the above-mentioned 70 years will make 72 years of Sirius. For this purpose the added months should be increased on one and 18 days should be taken into account, which gather because of the sliding (non-stable) new year's day.

25200+30*(35+1) +18=25200+1080+18=26298 days

=72 years of Sirius (365.25 days each) =

=70+3+0.05=73.05 years according to the calendar of Thoth (360 days each).

"So, Croesus, a man is only a trick of fate. I see, that you own great wealth and rule a lot of people, but I am not able to answer the question about your happiness, until I learn, that your life has ended safely".

Life-span of a Man 72 years had also a higher meaning. This fact for some reason is left without due attention, though its importance is doubtless, and the founders of the Sanctuary knew and took into account these astral relations. The matter is that during 72 years because of the precession the celestial sphere shifts on 1 degree. The life of the Sky, the life of the Man and the Earth became commensurable and the value of this measure is 72 years, 365.25 days each. But if we ñount not in the circles of Sirius, but according to the calendar of Thoth, there will be other, but equivalent values:

72 years* 365.25 days = 26298 days = 73.05 years* 360 days

The calendar numbers are widely used in ancient mythology. Let us, for example, recollect Osiris, who was deceived by 72 artful conspirators. They offered the king to measure a box, prepared according to his height beforehand, and when Osiris lay down into it, they quickly nailed up the cover and threw this ark into the Nile. The identical fault lies on each of the murderers, each one took away a part of life of the sovereign, and it is possible to make a conclusion, that Osiris lived for 72 years on the Earth. The stars indicated their term it was 1 degree of the celestial sphere.

Stars accomplish a full circle of 25920:72=360 degrees during the Great Year. In the calendar machine of Stonehenge all these numbers and proportions will be manifested too. Thus, the Banks and Ditches of the Sanctuary are the important Limits, boundaries of Time and Space, the circles of which, like a magic mirror, reflect the cycles of Constellations of actual Space and the Numbers of the Universe according to the Law-Logos.


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